When mosquitoes start to look annoying, you can easily repel, spray, or hit to avoid mosquito bites. different from newborn babies who have not been able to prevent mosquito stings or bites themselves. Thus, a newborn baby needs your help in preventing the danger from mosquito bites. How dangerous are mosquito bites in newborns? Find the answers below.

Prevention of Mosquito Bites

The best way for newborns to avoid mosquito bites is to take prevention. One prevention that can be done on newborns and children against mosquito bites is the use of Reppeler or anti-mosquito lotion specifically for children, according to the recommended dosage. But according to research, most anti-mosquito is not safe to use by newborns until the age of two months. While some other pediatricians, recommend not to give lotions or spray mosquitoes to newborns until the age of six months. And then, prevention that can be done on newborns against mosquito bites is to ensure that children stay awake from mosquito bites by using Australian mosquito repellent, simply applying Mosquito Patches around the room and baby clothes.

Common Mosquito Bites, In fact, not all mosquitoes like to sting and suck blood. Only female mosquitoes bite, whereas male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar. Just like the case in children and adults, mosquito bites on newborns actually do not need to worry. Most mosquito stings or bites only cause temporary discomfort and cause mild reactions. Such as itching or stinging and mild swelling, are common. Mild symptoms of mosquito bites in newborns include small red bumps, reddish skin areas, accompanied by newborns crying for no reason. Mild symptoms of mosquito bites in newborns will usually disappear and subside in a few days. Furthermore, mosquito bite marks will turn black and slowly will also disappear by itself.

Dangerous Mosquito Bites Mosquito bites in newborns can be dangerous if the stinging mosquitoes also carry viruses or parasites that can cause severe illness. Some diseases that can be transmitted through mosquito bites include malaria, dengue fever, chikungunya, to brain infections. If you find symptoms of mosquito bites that are more severe, such as newborns appearing lethargic and rashes from mosquito bites are getting wider, it’s a good idea to take your child to the doctor. If your newborn has a fever until shortness of breath, or you feel something is wrong with your child after getting a mosquito bite, then immediately consult with your doctor to find out the exact cause of the newborn’s condition. So, now you know how dangerous mosquito bites are for children and how to handle them?

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