Things that should be looking for before buying contact lenses

Nowadays, contact lenses are not only used as visual aids for minus eyes, many people, especially young women also use contact lenses as an accessory to support their appearance. However, the wide variety of contact lenses sold today often makes people confused about choosing what kind of contact lenses are safe for their eyes. Do not make the wrong choice; here are some things you need to consider before deciding to buy certain contact lenses. You can order it at optometrist Sutherland, visit the website on

Contact lenses types

There are two kinds of contact lenses which sold on the market, soft lenses and hard lenses. From the point of treating them, these two lenses must be clean and rinse before they’re stored. However, from the point of usage period, the hard lenses have longer durability; even they survive for 10 years. Actually, the hard lenses are healthier than soft lenses. However, in the first usage of the hard lenses, it will feel like there something stuck in the eyes of the user. That’s why most contact lenses users prefer to choose soft lenses than hard lenses.

Contact lenses usage period

There are so many kinds of usage period for contact lenses. Some use it for a day, some use it for 2 weeks or until 3 months. You must accept the official terms of the contact lens usage duration and replace it if it’s already not usable. Besides, you need to clean the contact lenses according to the instruction, and that is cleaning with the cleanse liquid before u stored it and before u want to use it. This is important because, during the usage period, contact lenses can absorb dust and small dirt in the eyes. If it’s not treated well and cleaned well, then the dirty contact lenses can make your eyes red and get irritation.

Diameter size of contact lenses

The size of the contact lens diameter can affect the comfortability of using it. Most women choose bigger diameter contact lenses so their eyes look so much bigger. Actually, for the smaller eyes using the bigger diameter will make u uncomfortable. So, it’s better to choose a normal diameter. And that is 14.0 – 15. 00 mm

Comfortable contact lenses

There are still so many confused people regarding how much water value to use in contact lenses comfortability usage. The answer is that contact lenses which have a water value of more than 48 percent are the best to use because it will be so much comfortable and your eyes won’t be easily dry. The water value in the contact lenses must also be considered according to the eyes condition. If u have eyes which easily get dry then choose contact lenses that contain high water value. Remember to consider the water value, so your eyes aren’t easily getting dry, sore, or become red during the contact lens usage period. Read also: how to treat eyes during contact lenses usage

Watch for the expired date

The other important things to watch before you buy contact lenses are the expired date. Contact lenses are a tool which u plant to your cornea, so make sure the Contact lenses are clean and in good condition so u are safe from the bad things like sore eyes, itch, irritation or even conjunctivitis.

Use it according to your eyes condition

Lastly, choose the appropriate Contact lenses according to your eye condition. Contact lenses containing silicone hydrogel is the most recommended one. Because this type of Contact lens has a probability to get oxygen through the cornea, so it will be comfortable. For the people who worked on open space, there are so many Contact lenses that can protect your eyes from sunlight.