Medical equipment is one of the most important devices used to help doctors, nurses or other medical professionals in conducting examinations, treatment of a patient.

Medical equipment is not only used in hospitals. Some Medical equipment is also used at home that can be sent with a delivery service. Different from at home, medical equipment at the hospital allows a large number of bacteria to settle in the equipment used. For this reason, hospital medical equipment care must be clean and sterile to avoid possible undesirable work. Now, Rheneus Lupprians serves all the healthtech management services.

The people who work in hospitals, both doctors, nurses, other medical professionals so that cleaning services must be cooperated to keep the hospital to remain sterile. All equipment must be sterilized. Sterilization is an effort to eliminate all adequate microorganisms in the equipment or environment of the hospital chemically and physically.

When doing sterilization, both the room or the equipment used must meet the following requirements:

  • Disinfectants used for sterilization should always be environmentally friendly materials.
  • When the sterilizing process, the officer must use protective equipment and know-how the safe sterilization is.
  • Sterilization of equipment used for physical treatment of the patient is heated at 121 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes, or according to the instructions in sterilization tools used.
  • All that has been sterilized must be safe from living microorganisms.

Any health equipment that experiencing physical changes when cleaned, disinfected or sterilized cannot be reused. It is best to avoid repetitive processes that can cause toxins and effectiveness.

Sterilized equipment must be placed in a particular room that has previously been packaged. Placement of sterilizing equipment should be at a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius with a humidity of 35% to 75%.

In conducting sterilization of hospital medical equipment, there can be several methods that can be used, such as:

Dry Heating

Sterilization is carried out by heating often. If the temperature used is not high enough, this

way is ineffective.

Sterilization with this dry heating will be effective if the temperature used reaches 160 degrees Celsius until 180 degrees Celsius. Sterilization using a dry heating system is not recommended for equipment such as scissors. This is because it can influence the sharpness of the equipment.


Sterilization is done by utilizing radiation. The usual radiation used is ultraviolet or x-ray. The radiation produced either by ultraviolet or x-rays will make growing microorganisms die.

Heating with water vapor and the pressure influence

The temperature when the water boils is 100 degrees Celsius, where the temperature can kill some of the organisms within 10 minutes. Objects that will be sterilized with this method are placed over boiling water but do not directly contact the water.

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