The cool style idea with the jersey alloy for women

Jersey is already one of the most favorite fashion items of women. Besides being convenient, jersey apparently also fits into a wide range of bizarre dress styles. You can match jersey to a single fashion item. Wonder what it’s like for her? Here’s the cool style idea with padua

1.      The cool style with sports jersey + mini skirt

For those of you who wish to appear feminine, this one seems to match fashion items! You can combine jersey with a white miniskirt with your choice of skirt models to match your character. Well, to give the impression of sporty, you could match it with the jersey club Afl jersey. If you look for an affordable Afl jersey and the best quality, you could try Bought them at market sports. This store is AFL shop Selling a range of Afl jersey, from jacket to T-shirt to club Afl accessories.

2.      Frisky style with sport jersey + outer shirt

Besides, you can also be modest in a more casual style. Make jersey an oversized dress, and then you can close it with the outer shirt. What do you think?

3. Fancy style with the jersey + blazer

Next time for a more formal style, you could wear a cool blazer, select your favorite jersey, and blend it with the solid colors of a blazer. Now, to support your appearance this time, you also match them in sneakers or ankle boots, so that your dress does not appear monotonous. Cool right?

3.      Fancy style with jersey + jeans

Want to go simple boyish style? You can mix jersey with jeans. Well, to add an edgy impression to your performance this time. You can match those ripped jeans that rebel impress.