Overcoming Gastric Acid disease

The body uses gastric acids to digest the food. There are times when the amount of gastric acid becomes excessive, so it might cause indigestion. Besides changing lifestyle, a variety of natural ingredients might help you to relieve the symptoms of gastric acid.

Gastric acid can go up to the esophagus as a result of the valve of the esophagus and the stomach does not work properly. This condition is called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). The symptoms caused by GERD include chest pain or heartburn, difficult to swallow, mouth acidity / bitter because gastric acid goes up to the esophagus, and the stomach feels uncomfortable. To relieving the symptoms of gastric acid, you can consult with Chittaway Pharmacy.

The obvious cause of the valve weakness between the lower throat and the stomach not yet known clearly, but there are some things that can increase the risk of GERD, including:

• Certain conditions, such as oesophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach wall), and gastroparesis (low movement of the stomach).

• Congenital abnormalities, such as Hiatal hernias and gastroschisis.

• Overweight or obesity.

• H. pylori infection.

• Smoking

• Certain medication effects, such as aspirin.

• Consumption of certain foods and drinks, such as fatty foods, chocolate, coffee, and large quantities of alcohol.

Changing Lifestyle

Relieving the gastric acid cannot be separated from efforts I changing lifestyle, such as :

• Avoiding trigger foods and regulating diet

GERD can be triggered by food that contains lots of fat. Fatty food is digested longer by our body the gastric so that the gastric produces more gastric acid which risks gastric acid goes up to the esophagus. Moreover, avoid coffee, chocolate, alcohol, and spicy foods because it makes the lower throat’s valve slacks and makes the gastric acid go up to the esophagus easily.

• Avoiding unhealthy habits

Smoking and laying down after eating are some of the things that can cause gastric acid to go up to the esophagus. Therefore, it is important to avoid habits to prevent gastric acid disease. Give a pause at least 3 hours to lay down after eating.

• Do not wear tight clothes on the abdomen

Avoid wearing tight clothes on the abdomen, because it can press the stomach so that it causes gastric contents to go up to the esophagus and vomiting. To be more comfortable, wear loose clothes.

• Do not move that might press the stomach

Of course, you have to exercise to become healthy. However, avoid movements that might press the gastric, for example jumping or rocking. Exercising time must also be considered, do not do it when you just finished eating. Give a pause about 2-4 hours after eating.

• Sleeping with a higher head and chest position

What must be done is to put up the upper body’s position so that it is higher than the bottom body. The upper body that needs to be elevated is the waist up. If only added a pillow behind the head, usually it is ineffective.