One of the key elements to reducing the beauty and comfort of the room are ceramic floors, including bathroom floor tiles This is because ceramics have proven resilient in the face of water and moisture. Choosing a bedroom tile floor is arguably difficult. You have to be careful and observant because it will affect resilience, exactness, and compatibility when applied. Are further affecting the mood in the room. 

Before choosing ceramics, you should make sure the bathroom you will make includes any bathroom criteria. Bathrooms are distinguished into 2, which are dry bathrooms and wet bathrooms. 

Dry baths provide an atmosphere of comfort because of being free from stagnant water. In terms of health, it would be better to be free from mosquito nests and to be much younger awake. 

Whereas wet bathrooms have the advantage of symbiosis because they don’t need long channels of running as dry bathrooms. 

The following pottery types recommend a bathroom design

The dry bathroom

generally divided into two sections. The first part to shower is right under the shower and both parts to dry beside the shower. For the parts under the shower, I don’t think it’s ideal for celadon and would be much better suited for natural rocks such as large or small coral stones.

The wet bathroom 

The wet bathroom is identical to the pool of water either in the main bathtub or an auxiliary bathtub. Its humid condition allows water to seep in, even endangering the risk of slipping. Understanding this condition, it is fitting to use the coarse texture of the ceramic floor, or matte ceramic, so that it is not subject to slip. A ceramic artist with ulterior motives would be ideal. The plaid motif, the flower motif, the appearing of the wood can also be made an interesting choice.

Tip select ceramic 

1. Select ceramic tile, porcelain, or the right stone. The reason is simple, however, that type of tiles is available in various sizes and forms. Some types of tiles made of natural rock, such as marble and limestone, have the best place to be used as a shower wall covering. Just, you need to make sure the rocks have been exposed with layers that make them leakproof. 

2. Make sure that tile materials are not slippery. It has much to do with the safety and comfort of a bathroom attendant. Wet, very glossy tiles are often slippery. It is recommended that you find lightly polished pottery.

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