What happens when we are no longer alive? Most people would be buried in the ground when they died. In some beliefs, however, the human remains will be processed by cremation or desecration. With the presence of Family Funerals Sydney can help you in the process of cremation. We know very little about the cremation process. How will the body decompose when it is cremated? Here’s the review.

1. Let’s get to know about cremation

Essentially, cremation is the process by which humans remaining are burned. Cremation was done on a specially designed furnace. Generally, a crematorium needs a container for a body such as a suitable coffin or a rigid cardboard container. The container will be burnt at the same time as the human remains inside. 

The remains of cremation are commonly referred to as ashes, although in fact, the remnants of the burn consist of bone fragments. Cremation results in between 3-9 pounds of incineration residue, depending on the size of the body and the process used by the crematorium.

2. Special treatment is done on the body before cremation

Before being cremated, the body of the deceased will be bathed, cleaned, and clothed. Normally, a body is not embalmed before cremation, unless a specific request is made by the family. Next, any jewelry or other items found on the body will be removed. 

Batteries containing medical devices or mechanical prosthetics are released. It prevents reactions during the cremation process. However, the policy about this varies from the crematorium.

3. The crematorium has a temperature between 760-1000° c

Cremation of the remains is usually carried out at a temperature between 760-1000° c. Severe heat will help reduce the body to elemental elements and fragments of bone. The crematorium is heated at a set point and then the body is placed quickly into it to avoid heat loss. 

Heating the furnace requires oil, natural gas, propane. Bodies were placed inflammable, disintegrating coffins. This chest will eventually burn with the remains inside.

4. Then the heat of the fire slowly enveloped the body

The cremation began. The heat from the fire dries the body, burns the skin and hair, burns muscle tissue, vaporizes soft tissue and bones. Soon everything will be destroyed. Usually, the duration of combustion takes between 1.5 and 3 hours on a body. 

Gases released during the burning process will be extracted by the exhaust system. Usually, there is no smell because of special emissions processed to crush smoke and evaporate odorless gases. 

The duration of cremation depends on some factors of weight or size, body fat presentation against muscle mass, the temperature of the crematorium, the type of container or coffin that the corpse is placed and the performance of the cremation equipment used. 

That is the crematory stage from beginning to end. I hope this information works!

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