Physical appearance, without exception hairstyle, becomes one of a key of women’ confidence. It’s undeniable, the first impression formed by the appearance, including the hairstyle. Making a mistake in choosing a haircut style will reduce self-confidence.

Do you want to change your hairstyle but don’t want to change totally? Instead of coloring hair or perming, the possible alternative is hair extensions Bondi. The hair extension technique allows you to change your hairstyle every day. Today, short hairstyle. The next day is already long. Even, the day after tomorrow can be colored hair. And all can be done without changing our real hair. Your appearance will be more fun and attractive. Are you interested? Before doing it, let’s take a look at some of the information so that you can decide which type of hair extension is best for your hair and your appearance.

Bang makes hair looks thicker and the face looks younger. You don’t need to do the hair cut if you not brave enough. There is an artificial bang called bang extension. Make sure that the hair color is similar from the real hair to make it looks natural.

Volumized Ponytail

Level up your ponytail game. Make your ponytail thicker by using the ponytail clip-in. Even the ponytail extension can be a chignon for a thicker hair impression.

Thick Hair

If you have thin hair, you don’t need to feel not confident anymore. Hair extensions can help to give hair thickness. The key, connect the hair on the back of the head and at the nape of the head to the hair that looks thicker.

Soft or Bold Hues

If you want to get ombre hair, make sure to choose a suitable hair extension color similar to your real hair color. Another option, going bold altogether with contrast colors. The advantage of ombre hair is the hair will not damage because of the coloring process.

Curly Hair

It is good information for wavy hair lovers: hair extensions tend to be easier to curl, even if without making the hair curly. For special occasions, you might choose the clip-in extension because this type is easy to make it curly and wavy. Make sure that the extension texture is made similar with your real hair so that it will look natural.

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