Overcoming Gastric Acid disease

The body uses gastric acids to digest the food. There are times when the amount of gastric acid becomes excessive, so it might cause indigestion. Besides changing lifestyle, a variety of natural ingredients might help you to relieve the symptoms of gastric acid.

Gastric acid can go up to the esophagus as a result of the valve of the esophagus and the stomach does not work properly. This condition is called GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). The symptoms caused by GERD include chest pain or heartburn, difficult to swallow, mouth acidity / bitter because gastric acid goes up to the esophagus, and the stomach feels uncomfortable. To relieving the symptoms of gastric acid, you can consult with Chittaway Pharmacy.

The obvious cause of the valve weakness between the lower throat and the stomach not yet known clearly, but there are some things that can increase the risk of GERD, including:…

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4 Facts About Eyelash Extension

For the last few years, eyelash extension becomes the trend of beauty which is highly favored. Its growth is so rapid. You can find many places which offer eyelash extension services, not only in big cities. The price also varies, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiahs, depending on the quality and facilities offered.

Why are there so many enthusiasts? Of course, because of the effect that is given can make any woman appears fresher and “alive”

With flick eyelashes, you will even look prettier when waking up in the morning. This technology is also considered practical and saves more time during makeup because you do not need to install eyelashes anymore, thus keeps you from removing mascara before you going to bed. If you are interested, Bondi Lash & Beauty Clinic is one of the best in Sydney. 

If you are the one who hasn’t tried it …

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