So, you’re an office employee, aren’t you? Some of our society thinks that an office employee does not need any health insurance as long as their job is not “the-super-extreme” or “the-super-dangerous”, just like people who work in mining or the one who works in high seas.

There are many benefits you could get as an office employee if you own health insurance. If you haven’t got one, we present you some points that might be your reasons for registering health insurance.

1. Insurance covered all family members at all costs

One of the major benefits of having health insurance for you who already have a family is because insurance that could cover your whole family exists. A health insurance product by Pacific Cross health insurance for foreigners in Thailand promised to protect all family members in one payment. This gives extra savings for both, the payment and the hospital’s bill for all your family members.

2. saving your money

You might be familiar with the amount of costs you need to spend on treatment in hospital due to the severe illnesses mentioned above. If one day, in the future, you are diagnosed with one of those illnesses, the money you spent on the hospital bills would be very high and potentially consumed all your savings. Health insurance could cover half or all the bills.

3. the change of lifestyle

People nowadays generally lived differently with people in a few decades ago, this change could make the young people are easily prone to an illness which used to be the illness for the old man, such as heart attack, obesity, and stroke. The existence of health insurance could give additional protection for you to face those illnesses.

4. saving pre-cost and after treatment

Medical bills tend to come before or after the treatment, for example, the cost of checking your condition and the medicines after the main treatment. These additional costs could be covered up by health insurance depending on the insurance policy.

5. saving the payment cost

While you are still young, healthy, and productive, the monthly payment you need to deposit will feel slightly easier rather than when you get older you need to be wise in choose what type of health insurance which best suits you to get the monthly payment that fit your budget.

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